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Just announced after today's game:

Down to Fresno are Brian Wilson, Scott Munter. Wow, Sabean wasn't messing around with the harsh assessment on the radio.

To minor-league camp go Tomas De La Rosa, Sun-Woo Kim, Scott Atchinson.

That leaves a bullpen of Benitez, Kline, Correia, Chulk, Sanchez, Hennessey, and Special Agent Jack Taschner and a bench of Frandsen, Klesko, Linden, Alfonzo, Sweeney, Niekro and Ellison. If the bullpen stays at seven, which seems likely, two of the benchers gotta go. Last-minute thought: with Aurilia able to back up all the infield positions and Frandsen with options remaining, might the kid go down to Fresno to start every day?

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