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Post-Game Report 4/24/07

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If Giants baseball were like real estate, it would all be about rotation, rotation, rotation. Matty Mo gets his third win and easily could have escaped the 8th without a run scoring: the singles were a bloop and two grounders that on any other night could have been easy outs. Hennessey left a fastball up to Kent — he’s lucky Moustache Man didn’t deposit it in the bleachers. But Taschner threw two hellacious sliders to Gonzo, and the inning was over thanks to a sweet double-play turn by Durham-Vizquel-Klesko. These old guys are playing spectacular defense. Klesko put every inch into his stretch, and it made the difference between a 5–4 game with two outs and a 5–3 game, inning over.

Back to the rotation: we’re now up to nine straight excellent starts.

Back to the bullpen: I liked what I saw from Benitez tonight. He put every pitch where he wanted, except for one hanging slider that Saenz fouled off. He bounced back to strike Saenz out on good sliders, then threw beautiful two-seamers on the outside corner to Anderson and Furcal. Two singles, you say? One was a routine grounder that a mobile third baseman might have gloved, the second a badly-hit infield squib. And extra cherry-on-top kudos to ‘Mando for beating Furcal to first bag to make the final out on the same play that ripped the hamstring from his pelvic bone two years ago.

A.M. UPDATE: I forgot to pick a PLODAG: Bengie Molina. Three hits that showed power (double to the wall in left-center) and finesse (a perfect hit-and-run single), plus he called the game that Morris threw. Is it time to start asking about the Molina effect on these pitchers?

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