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Post-Game Report 4/5/07

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Giants 5, Padres 3. Now I can shave. Did any of you have any superstitions going until the Giants won? Same T-shirt every day? Same underwear? Say it isn't so. If you were at tonight's game, what did you do in the 9th inning when Kline and Mando made things juicy? Cross your fingers? Make the sign of the yellowtail? (Sorry, if you don't know what it is, I can't tell you. What happens in La Famiglia Malo, stays in La Famiglia Malo.)

Player of da game (PLODAG): Matt Morris. Beard: bad season. No beard: good season! Superstition is that easy. Also kudos to Ray-Ray for knocking in two after Barry got the four-finger discount.

Before I go to bed, note with me that it was Fresno's opening day, and the Grizz won 9-4. PLODAG: Pat Misch, with five Ks in 2 innings of relief.

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