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Benitez: Gone in 48 Hours?

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News Flash! Highlights from Brian Sabean on KNBR this afternoon.

Co-host Ralph Barbieri jumps right into it and slams Benitez: “When the bright lights shine, he can’t get it done.”

When Ralph finally finishes his rant, Sabean laughs and says, “That’s a hell of a lead-in, Ralph.” He goes on to say, “In the next 24 to 48 hours we’ll resolve it externally or internally. We are exploring options, it’s a dead issue.”

When asked what that means, Sabean says, “Read between the lines, Ralph. I’m not going to talk somebody down, I’m a professional, but believe me in the next day or two, you’ll see a difference.”

Ralph is an asshole. Sabean has diplomatically said he agrees that Benitez must go and asks to move to the next question, but Ralph continues to needle him. They get into a shouting match. Sabean accuses him and Tom Tolbert of “grinding this into the ground. Ever since you’ve been on this soapbox, this has been the only problem with the Giants the past three years.”

Sabean is pissed. I don’t blame him. Finally, they move on. Another bat? “The odds of getting another bat won’t be good if we have to give up our young pitching.” Young pitchers in both the majors and minors? He doesn’t really say, except that he doesn’t see the quality hitter out there who would give the Giants equal value for their young pitching.

On Lincecum: “In New York, on the big stage, he took everyone’s breath away.”

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