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Errors of Judgment

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I hereby declare getting on base via a fielding error should count toward a batter's on-base percentage. It would still be 0-for-1 in the hit column, but a 1-for-4 day that goes Single, F7, K, E4 should give a hitter a .500 OBP. Here's why: there is a certain amount of skill in putting a ball in play. OBP is a measure of getting on base, and reaching via error is getting on base.

There is also some skill in not swinging at bad pitches. So why is the batter only rewarded statistically for walking but not for reaching via error? You may say that reaching via error is far more dependent upon defensive skills (or lack thereof) than coaxing a walk. But what of a walk from a wild pitcher who doesn't come close? Isn't that a defensive "error" that takes little offensive skill to exploit? And think of all the borderline calls that could go either way, either infield hit or error. Why penalize the batter? I say right this injustice at once. Discuss.

Unrelated question of the day: Would you rather ask Ahmad Chalabi for leads on weapons of mass destruction or take stock-picking advice from Lenny Dykstra?

UPDATE: So far few people agree with me, except The Depressed Yankee Fan. He adds that much of the time, the hitter causes the error either with speed, which makes the fielder rush, or by hitting the ball hard.

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