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Draft Fallout

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The baseball draft continues today, and the Giants continue to take pitchers and middle infielders. Of 13 picks so far, seven are pitchers, three are shortstops, two are catchers, and one is an outfielder.

Before you bemoan the lack of potential power, remember that shortstops are often the best athletes on their high school teams and as they progress up the ladder, fill out and gain power, they move to more offensive-minded positions. So today’s high school shortstop could be a 25–HR outfielder in five years.

No, the Giants emphatically did not draft a hitter who could help in a year or two. But unless you’re picking in the top 5 and A-Rod’s clone is out there, that likelihood is miniscule. There’s an axiom about the draft — don’t draft for need, draft the best players. I don’t endorse this blindly, but wildly grabbing any and all college hitters available seems like a panic move.

(At least one pundit thinks Sabean deserves a shot to prove he can rebuild the Giants: Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports weighs in here.)

A variety of people have commented on the Giants’ first-day approach. Here’s one. Kevin Goldstein noted in his online chat yesterday that with their first three picks (Bumgarner, Alderson, Fairley) the Giants were “in it for real.” When I e-mailed to ask what he meant, he said the team showed it was willing to spend money. I then asked him his thoughts after the next three (Williams, Culberson, Noonan), and he wrote this: “Actually, they’ve gone pretty cheap now.”

Keith Law of called Bumgarner “a tremendous pick,” Alderson an “outstanding pitching prospect” who could “develop in a hurry,” and Fairley a great athlete with off-field problems that pushed him down to the end of the first round.

Bryan Smith of BP summarizes a few of the later rounds here. Not much about the Giants’ picks.

And here’s a behind-the-scenes report from the draft.

Who was your favorite pick? Least favorite? Any other draft coverage worth noting? Let me know in the comments.

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