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Post-Game 6/13: Disenchantment

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Toronto 7, Giants 4. The fizz of Lincecum’s early call-up has gone flat. Today, Tim got cuffed around for the third straight start. He didn’t give up any home runs, he still struck out six, but the Jays made lots of contact and, with plenty of walks, stolen bases and wild pitches, flustered Lincecum like the rookie he is. 

I had tickets but saw only his last inning live, thanks to Muni, which stranded me under Market St. for twenty minutes and forced me to walk all the way down 2nd St.

Lincecum didn’t look good — leadoff walks to Adam Lind are never a good sign. But the Jays didn’t hit the ball particularly hard off him in the decisive fourth inning. It could be just one of those games, or it could be time to skip his turn in the rotation, work on a few things in the bullpen, and let him clear his head. It helped last year with Matt Cain, who returned from a few extra days off and threw a one-hitter against Oakland.

Lincecum may be nicknamed Tim The Enchanter after a Monty Python character, but he is certainly not the Messiah. Even the most phenomenal minor-league stats do not necessarily translate into instant big-league success.

PLODAG: Guillermo Rodriguez, who made his first major-league start and drove in two runs.


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