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Cubs Fans or Otter Pops?

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Another mawkishly celebrated fan “nation” invades Mays Field tonight. Oh, so long suffering! Oh, so patient! Oh, so loyal and lovable! With the Cubs in town the next three days, you’ll notice an odd tint to the stands: a shade of blue akin to the dye food makers use to attract four-year-olds to their products. Otter pop

Given the demand whenever the Cubs come to town, I thought about selling my tix to Thursday’s game for a tasty premium. But the thought of someone wearing that awful color in my bleacher seat made me cranky.

Dusty Baker looked terrible in his FD&C Blue #1 jersey, like a two-ball with skinny legs, a moustache and a toothpick. It’s one thing to make fan gear with horrific day-glo colors, it’s another to make professionals dress like electric blueberries and pumpkins when they’re trying to intimidate the opponent.

It’s disgraceful, to be honest. The expansion Rockies and D-Backs lead the league in embarrassing couture, something the D-Backs tried to fix this year, but a traditional team like the Cubs should be home white, road gray, and that’s it. The Giants brass jumped on the alternate-jersey-at-home bandwagon for a couple years, and they’ll regret it to their graves, as Barry Bonds hit his record-breaking 71st home run togged out in black top and white pants. Extra, extra, read all about it! New home run king mistaken for dishwasher at Chevy’s or bartender at Russian night club!

I hold nothing against the members of, ahem, Cub Nation unless they actively identify themselves as such. In fact, in a very unscientific sampling, I find that visiting Cubs fans are far more polite, knowledgeable, and affable than most other invaders. But that color. The only thing worse is the recent paint job of the house across from my childhood haunts.

On to more serious matters: I should clarify my post yesterday about Misch replacing Ortiz in the rotation. I’d like to see Misch get more starts, but I don’t want to see Sanchez called up to take Misch’s spot in the bullpen. I also don’t want to see Scott Munter, but that’s purely for aesthetic reasons.

At this point, Sanchez should stay in Fresno the rest of the month and start. He’ll come up in September, anyway, at which point (assuming Ortiz is out the rest of the year) the Giants might consider a six-man rotation that includes Misch and Sanchez to ease the late-season wear on Cain and Lincecum. Some subscribe to the theory that the more you throw, the better; I subscribe to the theory that an arm has a finite number of pitches no matter how well-tuned and well-trained. A few more innings now could mean a few less when they really count.  

Knowing that Davis will sit, Bonds will play, Klesko’s hot and Durham’s not, here’s tonight’s lineup prediction vs. Jason Marquis:

CF Roberts
SS Vizquel
RF Winn
LF Bonds
1B Klesko
C Molina
3B Aurilia
2B Frandsen
P Lincecum

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