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Free Frandsen

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Last week's Challenge to a Giant went quite well. I called out Barry Zito to finish the year with an ERA lower than his career high 4.48. Last night he threw his third straight gem and is down to 4.59.

So let's try another challenge. This one's for Bruce Bochy: put Kevin Frandsen in every starting lineup from here until the end of the season. He can rotate between second, third and short, but get him in there with SmokeyRay Durham the main displacee. There's no reason to showcase Ray anymore with the hope that someone will trade for him. His most recent hammy strain put the last nail in that conceptual coffin.

Tonight's lineup prediction

CF Davis
2B Frandsen
RF Winn
LF Bonds
C Molina
3B Feliz
1B Ortmeier
SS Vizquel
P Cain

Speaking of throwing smokey, here's some suggested reading: a deeper look at why Matt Cain is so damn good.

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