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Pedro's Defense

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After reading this post, I started writing about how Pedro Feliz’s defense might make up for his abysmal offense, but I just can’t do it. If he were batting ninth and the rest of the lineup was filled with the 1934 American League All-Stars, fine. Let him pick it and leave the lumber to others.

But we’re talking Your 2008 San Francisco Sand Gnats. Re-sign him and he’ll end up batting clean-up. He’s good with the glove, but not that good.

How bad is Pedro with the bat? If you’re newfangled, check his VORP: -2.3. That’s ridiculously bad. Even Eric Chavez and Scott Rolen, who had all-time career-worst years and could barely stay on the field, were in positive VORP territory. Feliz had a roughly career-average year and was worse than a warm body dredged up from triple-A. Jack Hannahan had a better VORP than Feliz. Jack Who? Exactly.

If you’re oldfangled, please note that among 21 regular third basemen, Feliz was 18th in batting average, dead last in on-base percentage, and despite his 20 home runs, 15th in slugging. Chone Frickin Figgins slugged higher than Pedro.

Giants 2008. Third base. Frandsen? Aurilia? Adrian Beltre? Mike Lowell? Fred Lewis? Carrot Top? Discuss.

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