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She doesn't know it yet, but La Malita Monkeypants has a very talented adopted brother. Come to mention it, my wife doesn't know about him yet either.

Thumbnail image for Pichardo,_Kelvin.jpgAs part of a whimsical bit of fun over at the McChronic, I adopted Kelvin Pichardo earlier this year as my Giant farmhand. (Handsome lad, no?) If you don't know him, Pichardo came to the organization as a 19-year-old afterthought, traded by the Phillies to S.F. for the late-season services of Michael Tucker in 2005. Lo and behold, Pichardo has moved quickly up the ladder, ending this year at double-A Connecticut. His work there wasn't dominating, but it was enough to persuade the Giants to protect him on the 40-man roster. They announced four additions just before Thanksgiving: Pichardo, Travis Denker, John Bowker, and Clay Timpner.

Being on the 40-man is no guarantee of major-league success or even a major-league appearance, but it's certainly one step closer. If Pichardo even cracks the bigs (or is used as trade bait for a player who contributes at the big-league level), the trade would be quite a coup. Same goes for Denker, who came to S.F. as a token of appreciation for Mark Sweeney, who went to the Dodgers at the trade deadline this summer. Denker is farther down the chain than Pichardo, who has an outside shot at seeing the bigs next year.

The roster additions bring the 40-man list to 39. One oddity is the continued presence of Mike Matheny on the 40-man even though he hasn't played in a year and a half. Sources tell me he should be off the books soon, but until his name's no longer on the Web site I'll worry that he's taking up crucial space that could block the addition of other players.

That worry aside, I'll say as of now I'm ever so slightly effervescent about both the moves and non-moves Brian Sabean has made the past few months. The Matt Morris deal was excellent, no matter how far Raj Davis's career goes. Now that we're among free-agency madness, Sabean has held off (as far as we know) from chasing the canards of Torii Hunter, Scott Linebrink and Francisco Cordero. Now let's hope he can refrain from throwing cash at Aaron Rowand, Andruw Jones and Geoff Jenkins.

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