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Move Big Mo'?

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This item says the Giants are “looking to move” Bengie Molina. With Yorvit Torrealba nearly signing a 3 year, $14.4 million deal with the Mets, Bengie’s 3–year, $18 M deal doesn’t seem expensive at all.

So why shop him? First, he turns 34 next July. He had a decent year with the bat in 2007 and played in a career-high 134 games, but let’s see — mid-30s, check; kinda fat, check; can’t take days off as a DH, check; knees of a catcher, check — this is the template for sudden, rapid decline. 

Second, Guillermo Rodriguez and Eliezer Alfonzo are experienced enough to hold down the fort for a while. They wouldn’t combine for 19 home runs, but their OBP wouldn’t be much worse than Molina’s .298 last year. Defensively, they’re not exactly twinkletoes, but don’t let the big tube of veteran savvy unguent in his locker fool you — Molina wasn’t that good. He and MIguel Olivo of Florida led the league in passed balls, and he often seemed stiff behind the plate — just ask Jon Miller about Bengie’s problems catching high, wild fastballs.

There might be a dropoff if G-Rod/E-Alf were the platoon, but it wouldn’t be significant enough to doom the team anymore than it’s doomed already. And the gap in offense and defense could quickly close if Molina brought back a great hitting prospect and his salary went toward a more easily upgradable position.

My suggestion: Sell high on Molina. Thoughts? 

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