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Injuries and Embarrassments

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The weekend brought several developments, none of them good. The biggest and least surprising was the continued horribleness of Barry Zito, prompting Giant brass to wonder aloud if Zito can remain in the rotation. Did you catch J.T. Snow on the radio broadcast yesterday? Instead of sticking to the fraternal code of ex-ballplayers -- Thou Shall Not Embarrass Thy Brothers on the Air -- J.T. basically said Zito has nothing. He wasn't rude, but he was blunt: No velocity, no command, no confidence. Either he or Flemming, I can't remember which, called Zito's pitches "batting practice fastballs." Batters are comfortable against him; even the outs he got yesterday were pop-ups because the Reds were swinging too hard, Snow said. In other words, no respect. Go up there and have fun, boys.

We're also starting to see how injuries might scratch through the veneer of pleasant surprise that has made the past couple weeks fun to watch. Correia's muscle strain will put him on the shelf for a month, it seems, and suddenly, whoops, where'd the starting pitching go? We could be back to a modified version of our pre-season chant: Lincecum and Cain and Pray for Sanchez to Be Consistent.

Pat Misch will take Correia's place, but it remains to be seen if he'll start or be the long man out of the bullpen.

Another troubling injury is Bengie Molina's sore legs. Losing him for an extended period would really put this team in an offensive hole; even worse, it might prompt the brass to trade Sanchez or others for a bat. I hope that's not the case, although one could argue that after Friday's game, Sanchez's trade value has never been higher. It's possible that Sabean could get a key offensive building block for him right now. Any suggestions?

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