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Agent Ned

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For those unfamiliar with the term, “Agent Ned” is Giant fanspeak for Ned Colletti, who left Brian Sabean’s side to become Dodger GM a couple years ago. Just like Ramiro Mendoza was considered the “embedded Yankee” when he set aside his pinstripes to join the Red Sox in an ill-fated two year stint, we hope Ned is pulling double-agent duty with moves such as the Andruw Jones, Jason Schmidt and Juan Pierre signings and the dubious Casey Blake trade. He also failed to trade for C.C. Sabathia when, by certain accounts, he was there for the taking.

Colletti almost blew his cover by trading prospect Travis Denker to the Giants for Mark Sweeney last summer. In the midst of a 6–for-65 season, Sweeney has helped divert suspicion for the time being with his key pinch-hit double last night off Kevin Correia. Whew. That was a close one. Agent Ned must be allowed to finish the job. He is under orders from High Command to trade Matt Kemp for Jack Wilson just before the deadline, sign Blake to a contract extension this winter and trade 3B prospect Andy LaRoche, and turn Clayton Kershaw into a long reliever.

Of course, whatever he does cannot and will not match the magnitude of the Barry Zito contract, the blame for which, now that Peter Magowan is retiring, I’d love to lay on Magowan’s doorstep. Hmmm… P-Mags, Embedded Dodger?

* Good news for the Giants: Will Carroll reports the Rockies aren’t very interested in trading lefty reliever Brian Fuentes. That makes Jack Taschner a little more attractive. He might be the Giants’ best trade chip the next few days.

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