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McClain / Whalin in '08

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Congratulations to Scott McClain, who hit his first major league home run at the age of 36. Here's the video clip. Now he's tied with Duane Kuiper, who nearly spit out a lung on the call. I get a little teary-eyed watching. How sweet that must feel.

McClain's feel-good homer and Barry Zito's eight sterling innings add up to perhaps the most redemptive game of the year. And yes, as you mentioned in the previous post's comments, I put the old reverse Malo psychological whammy on Zito and Aaron Cook, who got shelled. On purpose. Yeah, that's it. I meant to do it.

One quick thought about McClain: If the Giants decide they want a veteran right-handed bat and utility infielder next year and Rich Aurilia isn't available, how about McClain? Would he do any worse than Aurilia has the last two years?

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