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Mays_WillieI fly East tomorrow for my first visit to the Hall of Fame. I can’t wait, nor can Papa Malo — now more accurately Abuelo Malo — whose 70th birthday is the occasion for our trip. I’ll spend plenty of time bowing before the Willie Mays shrine. When he was inducted, Mays was asked to name the best player he’d ever seen. Mays replied, "I don't mean to be bashful, but I was."

I’ll try to find a computer and blog a postcard or two for you.

Anyone ever been? Give me your suggestions for things not to miss, and leave us an anecdote or two about your visit.


SMALL PRINT UPDATE: In case they’re healthy enough to play an inning or two before the season ends, Merkin Valdez and Kevin Frandsen have rejoined the 40–man roster. Brian Horwitz and Matt Palmer were removed. Palmer is no surprise, Horwitz slightly more so seeing how he had some decent at-bats — 2 HRs and 5 BBs in 40 PAs — during his cup o’ coffee in June. 


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