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The Buster Conspiracy

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If the Giants aren’t careful, they’re going to launch a full-blown mini-tempest in a tiny teapot. What the hell is up with Buster Posey? First they send him to Hawaii for winter ball, where he hits good ‘n’ plenty, then after he mysteriously vanishes from the boxscores, they say they’ve sent him back to Arizona because he’s not getting enough playing time in Hawaii.

Now, suddenly, he’s back in Hawaii (back with three hits and four ribbies, danke very schoen). And according to Baseball America, he wasn’t in Arizona to get more playing time, he was there to “work on his catching after problems with passed balls.”

(He also returned to Hawaii around the same time as Barack Obama went there to visit his ailing grandmother. Coincidence?)

So as we say in the 1–3–8, whatsamattawithPosey? And why the conflicting 4–1–1 about why he left? Could it be that the Giants didn’t quite realize how crummy his backstoppage abilities were, and they panicked, whisking him out of the sight of scouts and into the secrecy of their underground Arizona lair? If he needed work on his catching, why fly him to Arizona? Why not work on it in Hawaii, on the side?

Is this the first hint of a looming position change for Buster? Am I making much ado of nothing, or a mountain out of a molehill? Discuss.

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