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Add More Pitching Before You Add More Hitting

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I'm confused about something. In his notes from the Mark DeRosa press conference, Baggs writes that the Giants will still look to add another hitter. Here's the Sabean quote: 

"It's a chess game at this point. We're engaged in a lot of possibilities. We've still got some offers on the table." 

Then Baggs writes that one of those offers is to Juan Uribe, but the news today is that Uribe is on the verge of re-signing with S.F. So with Uribe back in the fold, are the Giants still looking to add another hitter? Or is that it? No matter where they added another starter, they have the flexibility to make the roster work. But are any of the remaining free agents worth the trouble? 

I still don't see how this becomes an above-average offense without trading Jonathan Sanchez for one hitter or, in a stunning turn of events, Matt Cain for a package of players. (What kind of package? What the A's got for Danny Haren is a good benchmark, I'd say.)  

No, I don't want to see Cain traded, either. But one advantage to trading Cain is that the Giants could receive not just a good hitter but probably a couple promising arms, too, perhaps even a pitcher who could immediately take a spot in the rotation.

Remember, a five-man rotation can be fudged the first couple months of the year. The Giants have four off-days in April and three more in May, and no visits to Colorado. With some noodling around, guys like Joe Martinez and Kevin Pucetas can patch around a big three of Lincecum, Sanchez/Cain, and Zito, plus an innings-eating type whom the Giants should be able to pick up on the cheap between now and January. There are a lot of pitchers left on the market, and the start of spring training is not far away. It would be nice to reduce the pressure to put Madison Bumgarner in the rotation straightaway. 

My guess is that the Giants will wait for Jonathan Sanchez's arbitration case before making a trade. Until then, it behooves them to accumulate as much starting pitching depth as possible, so when the opportunity to make a trade comes up, they feel comfortable with who fills the resulting void.

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