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Winter Meetings Preview

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Question: What's the only thing worse than a trip to Indy in December?

Answer: Coming home from Indy with Jason Kendall as your starting catcher.

Since "nobody thinks [Buster Posey] is ready to catch 100-plus games in the big leagues," quoth the Sabes, it's possible the Giants will start the year with a catcher who is a worse hitter than Bengie Molina and older, to boot.

[UPDATE: Keith Law of ESPN was also wondering "Why Indy, of all places?" and wrote this column.]

I discussed the chance of Posey not being ready a month ago. I have been taking ice cold showers and beating myself with acacia twigs to prepare myself for the possibility. All outcomes must be anticipated, my young pupil. But if Kendall is the answer, I must redouble my efforts to inoculate myself against weakness, despair, and vulnerability. You will not defeat me, Brian Sabean.

Besides, you will be in Indianapolis in December, not I. I hope you enjoy the $23 room-service sandwiches at the Marriott.

Let us all hope that, like a run of 70-degree days during the meetings instead of an ice storm, Sabean comes back with a surprise: a trade for a young power hitter who plays a nifty corner outfield or corner infield spot, shows remarkable patience at the plate, and doesn't require the sacrifice of Madison Bumgarner. It's not going to be easy, either at this week's meetings or beyond. I still think Jonathan Sanchez is the most likely to be dangled, because a fourth starter can probably be found on the free agent market, and a combo of unheralded minor leaguers (Martinez, Pucetas) and scrap-heap veterans can fill the fifth slot until Bumgarner is ready for prime time, even if that time isn't until 2011.

If the Winter Meetings culminate for the Giants with no trades, no power bats, but a whole lotta Ausmus, it will be for the fans as grim as if we were locked outside the hotel service entrance for four days enjoying the smell of institutional buffet food, sterno fumes, and a  Midwestern "wintry mix" blowing in from one of those Great Lakes. And if the Giants can't stick to their guns -- a one-year deal, no more, for whoever is squatting behind the plate to keep the spot warm for Posey -- well, little darling, it might be a long cold lonely winter, even out here where the ground never freezes.

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