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Could the Fish be ready to unload Hanley?

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I just watched the clip of Hanley dogging it after he kicked a bloop that allowed the runner to make it to third on the play.  He was then removed from the game mid-inning and may be benched for longer then that.  It hasn't been any secret that he isn't happy in Florida or that the Fish like to dump their talent as soon as they get good enough to make more then the league minimum so why not make a push for him right now and throw out a deal too good for them to refuse? 

The Fish would only make a move if they received a plethora of young talent like possibly a package that included Bumgarner and Crawford?  I wouldn't trade away Posey but we have enough pitching to be able to lose Bumgarner and if we have Hanley then we wouldn't need Crawford in a year or two when he will be ready for the majors (assuming he gets there which is no guarentee). 

Hanley is one of the best talents in the majors and although the seemingly bad attitude is a red flag, it shouldn't stop the Giants from going after this guy who could anchor SS for the next 8-10 and give us a potent addition to the middle of the lineup or at leadoff.  We keep drafting pitching every year with our top picks and one of the reasons is so that we have trade pieces.  The one thing we are missing is a young stud to build this team around and I can't think of anyone I would rather have then Hanley.

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