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Giants' Fifth Starter: Prize at the Bottom

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Whispers abound that the Giants are mulling alternatives to Todd Wellemeyer as fifth starter. Let's take a look at a couple possibilities. One of my favorite hackneyed formats for a blog post is "Player A vs. Player B," and you, dear reader, are meant to get excited because when their true identities are revealed (whoa! Nick Cage and John Travolta!) it's a wonderful clever surprise. 

Then it turns out to be not so clever, and you feel like you've eaten a box of sticky Cracker Jacks only to find at the bottom a glow-in-the-dark ring with sharp plastic protrusions because the die mold in the Guangzhou slave-wage knick-knack factory hasn't been changed in 35 years.

On that note:

Player A
23.2 IP / 17 H / 8 ER / 2 HR / 10 BB / 15 K / 3.04 ERA

Player B
17.1 IP / 16 H / 18 ER / 7 HR / 17 BB / 14 K / 9.34 ERA

You definitely don't want Player B in your rotation, or in your novelty-toy factory for that matter, but Player A looks like a handy chap. Both are potential fifth starters for the Giants. Any guesses?

I'll come back with Part 2 of this post after lunch.

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