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Sabean's Boners -- Let's Keep Track!

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As Lefty points out, Sabean spewed a bunch of garbage about Posey and AAA the other day. I say we start keeping a file on the guy. Anytime he (or other Giants brass) calls out a player in public or contradicts himself, or generally says something dumb, let's put it here. I'll start:

- On Madison Bumgarner: "It's this simple: He was preoccupied this winter and it cost him," Sabean said. "He had personal stuff to straighten out, getting married, and he was ill-prepared to come into spring training. I don't know how much he threw to get ready....To compete as a major league pitcher, you can't be in catch-up mode. He's still in the throes of that. He's still in spring training mode, and Triple-A is not forgiving. The (Pacific Coast League) is a hitter's league, it always has been, and if you make mistakes you won't be forgiven."

Two for one! He insults Bumgarner AND says AAA is a tough place to play (which of course he contradicted in his recent comments about Posey).

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