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SF 4, WASH 2: A Cool Drink of Water

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Ahh, home. Fog. Rain. Mist. Wind. Mota. So good.

Dagnabbit if they don't just make me GM already. Andres Torres hitting leadoff (3 for 4, a run scored). Todd Wellemeyer, the home-field W (six shutout innings before hitting a snag in the 7th). For you Wellie Watchers, his next scheduled start is Sunday at home against Arizona.

Let's not forget that in another park, the Nationals might easily have tied the game or taken the lead in the 7th against Sergio Romo. He surrendered two 400-foot-plus fly outs and a wicked one-hop grounder to escape the inning with only one of his inherited runners scoring. On the radio, everything the Nats hit off Romo sounded like a studio re-creation of a ballgame, a guy in a bowtie and a cigar reading a ticker tape and knocking a wood block with a ballpeen hammer. Tock! It's a solid grounded sound. No vibrations in it. Flip side tonight was Brian Wilson, as filthy as he's ever been, in his second most-impressive save of the year after his five-out Mets save (in which he also got a bit of help from the home plate ump).

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