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When is it Time to Trade Sanchez?

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OK OK last night was a much needed W. I'd say it was only the Nationals and Livan Hernandez but Livo's been good this year, and the Nats have some ligit ballplayers. But one win doesn't change the fact that this team's offense isn't going to get better. Yeah, Panda might sstart hitting like his old self, and Posey could come up and help, but I don't see a big lift anywhere. That means one thing: trade. And that means one thing: Trade Jonathan Sanchez. I dont see any way around it. His value has never been higher. His walks are still high, and he's not holding runners on, but hitters aren't hitting the ball hard off him. He's really pitching well.

Do you guys think a trade is inevitable? If Bumgarner keeps improving at AAA, the Giants might feel more comfortable trading Sanchez by the trade deadline if they really want to reach the playoffs. Because without a big bat, I do'nt see them making it.

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