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SF 10, BAL 2: Indeed

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With Orioles' starter Chris "Hot Burrito #4" Tillman pitching Monday night like he was Frank Sobotka with an envelope stuffed down his pants, the game was over before the second inning was over, if that's metaphysically possible. In other words, ahem, this game did not go down to the wire. Jonathan Sanchez kept the devil way down in the hole, or swinging like Garrett Atkins, if you prefer.

I resent the fact that I have to find Pat Burrell utterly cuddly and charming after years of nearly choking on my tongue as I heckled him from my privileged little bleacher bench. On the post-game radio show, Krukow passed along this observation from SeƱor Bat: the Giants are playing a "Wild Kingdom" defense, with a panda at third, a gazelle in center, and two water buffaloes in left and right.

Has anyone noticed that Henry Sosa has become a starting pitcher again? According to Steve S's invaluable minor lines, Sosa on Monday made his second straight start in Triple-A after, what, years of relief pitching? The Giants loved his arm and his work in spring training this year, with some chatter he could head north with the big team's bullpen. He didn't, but I have to wonder if he's being re-programmed to add rotation depth in case Joe Martinez can't hack it, Madison Bumgarner isn't ready, and Todd Wellemeyer doesn't return soon. Perhaps Sosa's slated to take over the long-man role from Denny Bautista after the ugly outing in Cincinnati last week.

Please complete the rest of the post with post-midnight zombie fatigue and four-game-win-streak giddiness. Add a dash of gin, a splash of bitters, the promise of a warm bed, and a cool glass of tap water. You can take it from here. I'm off to slumberland.   

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