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SF 3, HOU 1: Two Gems Stood Out

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Two plays made the difference tonight. First, Freddy Sanchez turned a nifty double play early in the game with Houston up 1-0, Lincecum looking ragged, and the Giant defense getting sloppy. The bases were loaded with Lance Berkman at the plate. He grounded one hard off Lincecum's glove, but it slowed enough for Sanchez to grab the ball, step on second, and throw to barely beat Berkman at first. Disaster averted, rally killed.

When the Giants scored their first two runs in the 7th, Aubrey Huff started the rally with a single, but Juan Uribe had the at-bat of the night. Down 1-2, he fouled off several pitches from Roy Oswalt, mostly fastballs, then checked his swing on two curves that just dipped low. The notoriously hacky Uribe drew one of the most impressive walks I've ever seen, against a pitcher who was dialed in all night. Oswalt then made a big mistake to Pat Burrell, a fastball at the belt, and Burrell lined the game-tying single to left.

In the midst of a lot of defensive slop and futile at-bats from the Giants tonight, Uribe and Sanchez made the difference. That Lincecum guy was pretty good, too.

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