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50s/t GM in SF Seeking Young LHH

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If you believe Ken Rosenthal, and perhaps that's too much to ask of you, the Giants are more interested in acquiring a left-handed hitter than a guy who looks like he should be playing bass in Limp Bizkit.

The brass has said publicly they're targeting left-handed bats, so this isn't a huge surprise, but I wonder what exactly they want. A bench guy? They've already got a couple of good ones who play great D and have a knack for pinch hits. A power bat who hits lefty pitchers as well as he hits righties? Not easy to find. If anything, you'd think the Giants would want another right-handed bat to platoon with either Sandoval or Torres, both of whom have been awful against lefties. Torres was predictable, as he's more or less following his career splits, but Panda's nosedive from the right side is a puzzle, and he's not been so hot from the left, either.  

But if they insist on going lefty, who? I won't run down the full list of left-handed batters who are more than three-month rentals (another important criterion Sabean has mentioned). But I'll throw one name out there: Stephen Drew. I have no idea if the D-Backs are willing, but he's got two more arb years after this, his once-wretched D is improving (according to UZR) and he's an above-average hitter for a shortstop. He's not good against lefties, but the Giants have platoon options. His career line against RHP is .279 / .340 / .457.

Perhaps with Uribe on board the Giants don't feel the need to upgrade at shortstop or shell out the arb dollars for a guy already making $3.4 million; or perhaps they see Drew's weak on-base skills and three-year slide on offense and figure he's not worth the risk. But they're not going to get Prince Fielder or Justin Smoak, the newest Mariner, or David DeJesus or any of the players that will require a trade that starts with Cain or Bumgarner. And you're probably not too jacked up at the thought of Kosuke Fukudome.

With his batting skills slipping and salary increasing, Arizona might be willing to trade Drew for less than top-tier prospects, and the Giants might be willing to risk that a change of scene does him good.

So, a trade proposal. Start with Drew for Jonathan Sanchez. Is that fair? If not, whom would you include to make it work?

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