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buyers or sellers

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The trade rumors have started to pick up now that we have less then a month before the deadline.  The question every Giants fan should be asking themselves is whether we should be buyers or sellers. 

I hear rumors of trading Sanchez plus minor leaguers for Corey Hart and it makes me want to vomit.  Did anyone see how bad this guy was last year or the year before that?  If we are looking to make a trade with Milwaukee I would prefer a bigger impact bat like Prince but then again I don't really want him on my team either.  Bottom line is unless we are trading for a guy who is going to give us a significantly better chance of making the playoffs then we probably shouldn't do it.  So far, all the names I hear qualify as players who aren't going to get us to the playoffs so why give away prospects and one of our biggest trade chipsin Sanchez?

The other option is to be sellers at the deadline.  This option is never going to be overly popular because by selling off players we are essentially saying we give up this year but when you accept the fact that we aren't going to make the playoffs no matter what this season it makes it a little easier.  Plus, the guys with the most trade value are probably Huff, Uribe, Burrell, Torres, and Freddy Sanchez, all of whom are blocking younger players who we would have a chance to watch develop a little in the second half.  
This division is going to be tough to hang with in the second half.  The dodgers are a better team then us and the padres are looking ligit.  Colorado is going to come on strong the last few months of the season and we just don't have the personnel to realistically compete this year.  If we can get a few prospects for guys like Huff, Uribe, and Burrell, then we might also be in a better position to trade for an impact bat using J. Sanchez and prospects to acquire him.  Otherwise we retool and look towards next year with a better idea of what our young players are capable of since they never seem to get a chance to prove themselves.

Lets assume we can trade Huff, Uribe, Burrell, and F. Sanchez:  That leaves room for Bowker, Nate, Ishikawa, and Downs to recieve increases in playing time and the opportunity to showcase their talents over the next 3 months.  It would also give us a clearer picture going into next year and opens up a few positions to target in free agency.  Hopefully by that time we have a new GM who sees the value in going after an impact player or two instead of 4 or 5 DeRosa/Huff/Uribe types.   


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