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SF 15, MIL .... Hey, Stop Right There, You Think I'm an Idiot or Something?

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Suuuure. Giants 15. That must have been the runners left on base.

No, sir. And no ma'am. Welcome to the Buster Posey Era. It is very much like the Madison Bumgarner Era, which officially started Tuesday, but with less fail-beard facial hair.

Buster Fact! Three of his five major league home runs have gone to the opposite field.

By the way, did you see Corey Hart misplay Freddy Sanchez's looping liner down the right-field line into a triple that effectively blew the game wide open? He looked like he was wearing night. If the Giants trade for him, which is the tweet of the town these days, I guess he'll be an upgrade over Aaron Rowand or insurance if Pat Burrell turns back into a Tampa Bay Pumpkin-Ray. But I look at this, and I get skeered. A low .328 career OBP. A robust .483 career slugging percentage, but .466 on the road. Crummy defense measured by UZR -- with an ugly home/road split. Imagine he's a Giant and plays every day in right field. If you follow the cascade of lineup changes, it basically would mean even less playing time for Schierholtz and Rowand (assuming either one isn't traded), perhaps fewer starts for Burrell when Posey plays first (moving Huff to left).

But that's not what bothers me. Jonathan Sanchez? For Corey Hart? The advanced stats make it seem more than fair -- Sanchez is having his best year and projects to being worth 3.2 wins above replacement. Hart is on track for a 4+ win season, and it would be the second time he's hit that mark. Could he keep the pace as a Giant? Would he regress to his measly 2008-2009 numbers once removed from the friendly confines of the Beer Dome? 

Sorry, I'm a killjoy. The Buster Era began tonight, the Padres lost, and I'm sweating over trade rumors.

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