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ATL 5, SF 4: Right Moves, Wrong Outcome

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Sometimes a team loses because good people have bad days. The Giants were poised to win this game twice, first when Sergio Romo and Brian Wilson were lined up for the 8th and 9th innings with a three-run lead, and second when Buster Posey came to the plate against perennial underachiever Kyle Farnsworth with the bases loaded in the 10th.

As you know, Romo and Wilson combined to give up the lead in the 8th, and Posey grounded sharply into a 5-4-3 double play to end the threat in the 10th. It wasn't a great pitch -- a slider that hung over the inside corner, but Posey chopped down on it. Credit second baseman Infante for taking a poor throw from 3B Glaus and making a strong pivot. Ten minutes later, Ramon Ramirez threw a 2-2 fastball down the middle to Rick Ankiel, and the torture was in full effect.

I caught a few minutes of KNBR after the game and heard a few callers saying Bochy should be fired. I couldn't figure out why. He pushed all the right buttons. Lopez relieved Cain and got a key strikeout. When Romo gave up two quick hits in the 8th, Bochy went straight for Wilson for a potential six-out save. I loved that. It made perfect sense.

Sandoval's error was huge; should Bochy have swapped him out defensively earlier? What could he have done otherwise? Tell Wilson and Ramirez not to throw fastballs down the middle? Swing the bat for Posey? Replace Pat Burrell before he makes an error that leads to a run? Sorry: Pat taketh away but far more often giveth and giveth, at least this year. I'll remember this for a long, long time. 

This was a painful loss, but it doesn't leave lingering regrets that one thing or another should have happened differently. Good people -- the right people -- simply made the wrong pitches or hit the ball to the wrong spot, and the Braves were good enough tonight to capitalize. If that doesn't sound angry enough, sorry. I'd play the key situations in this game over again in the exact same way, and in a parallel universe, far more often than not, the Giants would win.

Going to Atlanta, I feel pretty good about this series. Now excuse me while I run screaming around the block a few times before I go to sleep.

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