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Your 2014 SF Giants!!

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I need some help here guys, there are going to be some tough decisions eventually by 2014 if not sooner and it is time to see where your loyalties lie!!  I figure that by 2014 the payroll is going to be around 80 mil just for Timmy, Cain, Sanchez, Bumgarner, Wilson, and Posey.  We don't know enough about any of the top prospects to say one way or another whether they will be factors but hopefully we have a cheap Brandon Belt at 1B, an affordable Pablo at 3rd, and at least one of the many OF options we have in the minors has to pan out right?? 

No matter who we have, at some point we may need to say goodbye to one or two of the main 6 mentioned above and that is where it gets interesting.  We have all dreaded the "decision" that we all knew would come at some point in our lives, Timmy or Cain?  Who would you keep and who has to go to make room for the rest of the team?  It could also be Sanchez or Wilson that we say goodbye to but knowing what we know now, who would you choose to let go in order to field the rest of the team (kind of feels like choosing between which one of your kids you love more)?  Obviously because of their age and talent, Posey and Bumgarner are not options.

I say let Timmy who is the most expensive and frail of our starters go.  Keep Cain and hope Wheeler or someone else can step in and be a number 2 or 3 starter.  Sanchez would be number 2 for me and then Wilson number 3 option.  I know it seems like a long ways away but I bet by the end of this season there will start to be rumors about exactly this subject and pretty soon you are going to have to pick a side!   

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