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When Brian Sabean first took over as GM of the Giants, one of his first moves was to trade fan favorite Matt Williams.  The move took some stones to pull off but turned out to be one of the biggest reasons for the Giants success over the next 6 years.  Since then I can't remember Sabes taking a shot at trading from a strength to address a weekness other then trading prospects for rentals. 

Clearly this teams weakness is its offense and it seems overly obvious to everyone except of course the guy who has the power to address it.  If the thought is that by getting Posey and Sanchez back with hopefully a motivated and less lazy Huff it is going to be enough then I'm gonna go ahead and say Sabes is an idiot.  Before Posey and Sanchez were injured this year the team was struggling offensively and you can't count on Huff to find his swing again even with it being an even numbered year.

The offseason is just getting started so who knows what moves Sabes has on his mind but by signing Lopez (good move) and then spending 5 mil on Affeldt (WTF) it doesn't seem like he really has upgrading the offense at the top of his list of priorities.  Yes, pitching is very very important but before going down that road think back to all the 2 to 1 games that Timmy and Cainer lost this year and think how long before they get bored pitching like hall of famers and finishing the year with 10-12 wins.  

The best and worst thing that could have happened to this organization last year was winning the world series.  I don't think I have to explain why it was the best thing to ever happen but let me take a shot at why it may have been one of the worst.  It validated everything Sabes has been doing wrong over the last 6 years and essentially when the stars aligned and a miracle occurred, Sabes knew that his magical formula of all pitching and no offense was a winner!  

Hard to argue with a world series and lets face it, anything else that this team does for the rest of my life is gravy but it would be nice to take advantage of having a shit ton of pitching that could be turned into a little offense to help balance this team out!  So, I would love to hear some outlandish ideas to improve this team other then spending all available money on shoring up all pitchers currently wearing the orange and black.  Here is one suggestion that probably nobody has thought of:

Trade Cain and Crawford to Texas for Napoli and Andrus and then post 50 mil for Yu Darvish and sign him for 5 years 55 mil.  

Napoli and Posey get to split time behind the plate and at first while Andrus becomes our SS and leadoff hitter.  Darvish steps in and doesn't miss a beat where Cain left off.  Trade Affeldt and or Sanchez to clear a little more money and get used to scoring 6 runs a game, having cash pour in from Japan as the next biggest thing since Ichiro comes to town, and a pitching staff that will be just as dominant as it has been over the last 3 years.


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