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Realistic (and possibly blasphemous) Trade Ideas

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The beginning of the hot-stove season marks all sorts of predictions and analysis, some more ridiculous than others. With free agency seemingly out of the Giants budget this winter, barring some sort of miraculous increase in payroll, the more sensible route to explore is the trade market. Sabean has already embarked down this road in the Dirty-Melky Trade (which I like, for what it's worth). But I'm not talking about those one-sided trades that some casual fans think possible just because it sounds nice to us (I once heard someone seriously suggest the Giants trade Jeremy Affeldt for Albert Pujols on KNBR. Gee, what a great idea!) I want to go to extremes just to see what kind of reaction it might bring, because me having radical ideas is not as dangerous as Brian Sabean having them in real life (unless he reads this blog).

Insane Idea #1 - Trading Brian Wilson
The title of this post warned you of the possible blasphemy that lied ahead, so don't say I didn't warn you. In case you didn't hear, the Phillies have just signed Jonathan Papelbon to an insane $50 million contract. This leaves Boston without a closer because for some reason they lack confidence in Daniel Bard after their historic September meltdown, and I guess Bobby Jenks isn't in the discussion either for some reason. As you can see from the photo, Wilson's obviously from Boston. They'll need another explosive arm to replace Paps and may not be willing to go after K-Rod, Bell, or Madson. After the aforementioned implosion at the end of the season, they may be prone to overspend in order to keep face. Enter the hometown kid. What might the Gs fetch in return? Well, I like one hometown hero for another... Dustin Pedroia. If that's asking too much, I'd be happy with Anthony Ranaudo, Felix Doubront, or Daniel Bard (obviously not just one of them).

Insane Idea #2 - Trading That Guy
Someone from some reputable sports site ( or something) made this suggestion, but didn't get into any specifics. I happen to have one that pops up... and no, it's not another homecoming story, because the Mariners are god-awful and have nothing worthwhile to offer unless they'd include Michael Pineda, but that would defeat the purpose of them trading in the first place. I'm thinking more along the lines of Cincinnatti... more specifically, Joey Votto. Would they trade their star first baseman? Possibly not, but if there was ever a guy good enough to pry him away, it's Timmy. I'm unaware of any prospects they might also have aside from middle infielder Billy Hamilton, who's got insane speed (103 stolen bags last season) and I doubt they'd include a current major league starter in addition to Votto (unless they've given up on Bailey or Volquez). But I'd be happy with just Votto to be honest, even if replacing Lincecum would be damn near impossible.

Anyone else got any crazy ideas? I'm obviously thinking idea #1 is much more feasible than #2, just wanted to throw some ideas out for debate.

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