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Where in SF Photo #4 (and A Few Zito Thoughts)

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First, the Zito thoughts: 

If you haven't paid much attention, he's been awful the past few spring starts. It's kind of the same awful we've seen here and there the past couple years, but in more concentrated form, and even after off-season consultants with wise men on mountain tops (and Tom House). 

Somehow this time it feels more imminent: the moment when he irretrievably goes from serviceable fifth starter, which he's been during his Giant career, to completely unfit for the major leagues. If this continues, and Zito simply can't get major-league hitters out anymore, what are the Giants' options? 

I'll assume for now that a release is not an option. I think the Giants will do everything in their power to squeeze another year of mediocre fifth-starter juice from Zito. They don't have the depth in the high minors as cover, and if there's any plan to spend some of the rainy-day fund on new players, I would expect it's earmarked for the trade deadline and for hitters. (How's that for wishful thinking!) Bruce Bochy has already set expectations about as low as possible -- just get us through five innings and don't kill the bullpen every outing, Barry. 

But what if he truly, madly, deeply cannot get major-league hitters out? 

- Hide him in the bullpen and only call for him in blowouts or the extra extra innings? Unlikely. 

- Send him to the minors to work on something, anything? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Giants can only do this with his permission. If he's getting embarrassed by major league hitters, he might accede. 

- Find an injury. Even if he feels OK, agree on the QT that it's tired arm, muscle weakness, whatever. Again, Zito might be open to this if his career is on the line. If nothing else is working, maybe a little 'scope wouldn't hurt. Clean out the detritus from two decades of pitching, rest up for six months, and see if he can salvage the last year of his contract in 2013.

- Trade for Jonathan Sanchez! 

Feel free to make your own suggestions. 

Now the photo, in case you didn't see it on Twitter yesterday. Hint: If you're a student of the city, you might know this site. Remember, answers via email or Twitter DM only; no spoilers in the comments section, please.

 A few days after I post Photo #5 next week, I'll release the answers to Photos 1 through 5 and the leaderboard standings.


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