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Obi-Wan Cainobi, You're Our Only Hope!

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I'm writing this a few hours before Matt Cain takes the hill in what Mike Krukow yesterday called a "must-win" game for the Giants, somewhat tongue in cheek. (I think.) He's right, in one respect: The Giants must win to stave off the echo chamber of wails and gnashing teeth from the great unwashed. (The 22nd circle of Dante's Inferno is populated by the small-sample-size heathen.)

So, a pre-emptive strike: Everyone chillax! (I learned that word when I visited my cousins in Los Angeles, who ironically had an in-house espresso machine. You put freely available 24/7 espresso within my reach then you ask me to chillax?)  

Grant quite rightly reminded us yesterday that the 2011 Giants started 0-2 (and 1-3, and 2-4), and they were competitive. I'll go one step further: remember Y2K, when so much doomsday-saying turned into a global joke and then an afterthought? It wasn't just the digital Armageddon that never arrived; the 2000 Giants started the season 3-9, including an 0-5 skunking by the Dodgers and D-Backs on the first-ever Mays Field home stand. They hit bottom at 4-11 after losing a series at Cincinnati. As late as June 13 they were under .500. June 13! That was a 97-win team, folks.

More espresso, please. Thank you.

I'm not saying the 2012 Giants can win 97 games, or recover from a truly crappy start. And if the starting pitchers decide this is the year that everyone else can carry their luggage for a few months, then look out below. There will be calls to purge all veterans, on the field and off, and start fresh from every angle. But with the new-look Giants offense, all Matt Cain has to do is allow fewer than four runs today, and we should be good to go. Saint Gregor of Blanco, get things started.

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