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Where in SF Photo #5

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I sent this out on the Twitter yesterday but couldn't get to a blog machine to post it here. Sorry for the delay. Other than #1, it's the easiest of the bunch so far, especially if you know where to look.

As always, answers go to me in a Twitter direct message or in email. Not in the comments below, please. I'll give everyone a few days to answer this and to go back through Photos #1-4, as well, in case they haven't yet replied, then I'll post the answers and the Top 5 leaders. To be honest, I haven't decided how long the contest should run: 10 photos total? 20? But I have settled on the prize: a pair of my tickets to a Giants game (practically the best bleacher seats you could ask for: Section 238 138, Row 3). When we end the contest, I'll give the winner the choice of one among several games for which I have tickets.

Any feedback about the contest -- other than answers -- please do add to the comments. I'm enjoying it; I hope you are, too.

And with that, Photo #5:


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Header photo courtesy of Flickr user eviltomthai under a Creative Commons license.