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Where in SF: The First Five Photos and the Leaderboard

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The answers:

001.jpgPhoto 1: Mays Field, a light standard along the third base line, shot from King Street a few feet east of the ticket services office.

002.jpgPhoto 2: The pedestrian tunnel under JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park just south of the Conservatory of Flowers. Shot facing north. Those who identified it as the tunnel where the musicians like to play got an extra point.

photo003.jpgPhoto 3: A small part of a wall-length mural on Minna Street, corner of 2nd Street, across from the entrance of the club/art space/bar 111 Minna. If you've walked from the ballpark to Market Street along 2nd, you've seen it. (But perhaps you haven't observed it.)

004.jpgPhoto 4: The main campus of the University of San Francisco, standing next to Cowell Hall facing north. The building behind the crane is the Harney Science Center, though I'm not sure if it's under construction.

005.jpgPhoto 5: Everybody sing! I don't wanna be buried / In a pet cemetery... It's in the Presidio, slightly uphill from Crissy Field, directly under the Doyle Drive overpass (the old one; the new one is being built just a shade to the south).

Scoring reminder: One point for fairly accurate, two points for exquisitely accurate, three points for an extra bit of insider knowledge. The leaderboard [UPDATE -- with slight revision]:

Bruce Olson 12
Allan Ng 10
Patty Gallagher 9
Allan Ng 8
Danny Walker 7
San Jose Giants Fan 7

Stay tuned. We'll do five more over the next few weeks and award a prize.

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Header photo courtesy of Flickr user eviltomthai under a Creative Commons license.