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On The Cusp of Something Weird, Perhaps Wonderful

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We're half an hour away from one of the weirdest moments in Giants history. Barry Zito is starting a do-or-die game instead of Matt Cain on short rest. Bruce Bochy is sticking his neck out farther than I can ever remember.

I've deliberately stayed away from the Tweeterwebs to avoid the testerone- and estrogen-fueled rage and confusion, and I've tried to keep my mind clear of judgment to make room for as many good vibes as possible. Zito might, and Zito might not. Here's a little more to fire you up, from the better-late-than-never file, courtesy of the ever-lovin' Corwinator X. Go Giants, and I'll be back with you later tonight for the game breakdown.  


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Header photo courtesy of Flickr user eviltomthai under a Creative Commons license.