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One Last Story

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You think playing a full baseball season is hard? Try blogging about it. Sheesh. It's been a long year, my wrists hurt, my back aches, I haven't had a vacation in a long while. (Well, except that week off in August when the in-laws visited, which was as much a vacation as hanging out at the DMV for a couple days.)

But seriously, damen und herren, we're at a point where the Giants need to provide new material. I don't want to talk about Buster Posey's playoff batting average or Tim Lincecum's fastball location or Pablo Sandoval's power showing up in non-leveraged situations. Post-season statistics, frankly, are kind of boring, unless someone goes 16 for 22 or hits home runs in seven straight at-bats. Other Giant-related story lines -- Bad Timmy shows up, Zito Might/Zito Might Not, Giants Overwhelmed By Excellent Starting Pitching -- feel just as played out. (Though if you must know, I think Adam Wainwright would have shut down the Gashouse Gang, the '27 Yankees, and the Taiwanese Little League All-Stars last night. That much curveball command is a sure sign of Satanic log-rolling.)

Now, coming back from yet another two-game series deficit, winning three in a row again to shock and stun Midwesterners who like to pretend they're a friendlier and more civilized breed: that is a story line. Go ahead, Giants, scoop out the raw material from a Mississippi mud bank, animate it with a bolt of lightning from a prairie thunderstorm, and send it screaming out into the world with a bases-clearing, top of the ninth, line-drive double off the bat of... hmmm.... let's see. Brandon Belt? Nah, too cutesy. Posey? Too obvious. Oh hell yes, Santiago Casilla! OK, OK. I'm picking Angel Pagan. And it'll be a triple, not a double, complete with a salute as he's sliding head first into third base. Cheese factor counterbalanced by degree of difficulty, not unlike Olympic figure skating.

Anyway, that's not a prediction -- I don't do those -- just a story that I hope doesn't end tonight. Go Giants.

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