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Some People Might Not Believe It, But The San Francisco Giants Just Won the 2012 World Series

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Two outs, two strikes, tenth inning. They did it. Facing elimination, once, twice, again and again. They did it. Losing their closer, losing their best hitter, losing power for weeks at a time. They did it. Watching the Dodgers trade for the Boston Red Sox and Hanley Ramirez and Joe Blanton, which triggered a series of impromptu division crowns awarded in August, the Giants got Marco Scutaro and patched the Melky Cabrera hole with Hunter Pence, then slapped the Dodgers up and down the Pacific Coast Highway.

The Giants are the best team in baseball once again. They did it, they did it, they freakin' holy crap did it.

They did it in all the ways that various pundits and wags and skeptics said didn't make sense. When Santiago Casilla hit a rough patch before the All-Star break, Bruce Bochy went with the closer-by-committee approach and let Sergio Romo emerge from the scrum to become the most dominant post-season closer who ever flung an 87-MPH fastball past a Triple Crown winner.

With slider after slider, but then again, perhaps not -- hello, Jay Bruce! -- Sergio Romo did it.

They did it with a rock behind the plate who was supposed to spend 2012 playing his way back into shape, but not necessarily back to the form that made him Buster Posey, rookie of the year in 2010. Instead he had an MVP season. When he wore down in the post-season, he still hit a hanging change-up into the teeth of a Michigan wind for a game-changing home run. Buster Posey did it, even while he wasn't having it.

The Giants did it with one of the most improbable runs of starting pitching in the post-season. Perhaps other rotations have thrown four shutouts in six games, but none have done it after looking like the Achilles' heel of the team down the stretch. None have done it with men thoroughly humbled by baseball for ten years, or humbled by impossibly rich contracts and their own fading skills. Ryan Vogelsong and Barry Zito did it.

They did it with a coaching staff that took a thoroughly frazzled young pitcher, pulled him out of the spotlight, and over the course of about ten days, fixed him just enough to throw, oh, seven shutout innings against the Detroit Tigers. They didn't just tinker with the airplane engine in mid-flight, they landed that sucker with a drink in their hands and saluted. The coaches also had the wisdom to let Tim Lincecum work out of the bullpen, where he became the throwback super-reliever -- think Mike Marshall, Goose Gossage, Bruce Sutter -- that many have imagined he could be since his college days. More improvisation on the fly. Dave Righetti, Mark Gardner, and Bruce Bochy did it. Madison Bumgarner and Tim Lincecum did it.

They won the division, they shocked the Reds, they rained on the Cardinals' pre-ordained parade, and they did to the Tigers what the Tigers had just done to the Yankees. They won seven games in a row and won the 2012 World Series.

Pablo Sandoval did it, usually with his shirt-tail untucked, and usually with an estimated distance of 400 feet. Pablo did it two years after he barely showed his face in the World Series.

Matt Cain did it, and George Kontos did it; Jeremy Affeldt, Gregor Blanco and Joaquin Arias did it. Brian Sabean did it, making the GM you love to hate that much more bulletproof.

David Flemming did it without his voice cracking! We kid because we love. Dave was on the mike on KNBR for the final out, and it sent chills up our spines. Dave and Jon and Kruk and Kuip did it, of course. They always do.

Oh man oh man oh man my favorite team in the world since I was like minus-seven years old, running around Candlestick watching Marc Hill and Terry Whitfield, who did a funny thing with his front foot in the batter's box that I loved to imitate, and Mike Ivie and Jack Clark and oh man, here one comes, jumping over the left-field bleacher wall with 50 other miscreants to get that home run ball, just won the World Series. The World Series.

The Giants just won the 2012 World Series.

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