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And That's When You Start To Think It Might Happen

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This morning's post is brought to you by the numbers


And by the letter

Not to mention Question 1.

And now for today's fond memory of the 2012 regular season. This moment, perhaps more than any other, crystallized the entire championship season for the Giants (yes, the image is fuzzy; I like it that way):

You should know who that is and what he's doing, but in case you crawled out from under a rock to discover the Giants in the playoffs, behold:

As David B. Flemming noted in that clip, "And that's when you start to think it might happen." Blanco seemed to come out of nowhere to make that catch. At times, the Giants did, too. Just when you thought, oh well, it was a fun ride, but not one for the history books, along came Blanco to save perfection. Along came the bullpen-by-committee. Along came Marco Scutaro, and Ryan Vogelsong, and Barry Zito in the playoffs, and more Gregor Blanco, and Pablo Sandoval treating Justin Verlander like his personal batting-practice pitcher.

Also, Nate Silver. If you don't know who that is, or you're wondering why the political stats guy the Republicans turned into Public Enemy #2 the last couple weeks is being cited in a baseball column -- or even if you know exactly why --- read this.

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