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Same Old Same Old

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CF Pagan
2B Scutaro
3B Sandoval
C Posey
RF Pence
1B Belt
LF Blanco
SS Crawford

That was the Giants lineup for the 2012 World Series, with a DH added a couple times if you look closely enough.

It will also be the Giants lineup for Game 1 of the 2013 Regular Season, if that game is still scheduled for December 6, 2012. (It's supposed to rain, so don't get your hopes up.)

Injuries could happen, of course, or unexpected trades. The Giants are scouring the bargain bin for another outfielder who can platoon with Blanco, so their 2013 Opening Day lineup versus the Dodgers (and Clayton Kershaw) could have a right-handed hitting left fielder. And Joaquin Arias at shortstop, perhaps. We forgot about the Arias/Crawford platoon the post-season because the Reds, Cards and Tigers had no lefty starting pitchers. Arias hit .303 / .333 /. 434 against lefties last year, enough to win him a song of appreciation from guest writer dbenhorin, who took advantage of our under-used Guest Post feature to float an intriguing idea: Arias as a converted left fielder and potential platoon partner. (Well done, sir -- I especially liked the part about the miscreant limb.)

Basically, though, it's the same lineup. It's so comforting, I'm going to start a new bleacher chant: "Marco... Mmmmmm... Ahhhhhhh.... Scutaro." Watching a Giants game will be more soothing than a Bob Ross tutorial. Look at all the paint in those bristles.


Ahem. Well, yes, familiar Giant faces, but what about the offense? Are we yet again heading into a season hoping the offense can score four a night while the pitchers stay healthy, befuddle the opposition, and drive in key runs with bunt singles? You wouldn't be unreasonable to think Scutaro won't hit .362 for the full year (and let's not even think about 2015), but Hunter Pence won't hit .219, either. Brandon Belt will improve a bit, and Pablo Sandoval will hit for more power simply by being on the field more. No Melky. And on down the line: I'll do a back-of-napkin offense prediction once we know who might platoon with Blanco, but just with some eyeballin', it seems we should expect roughly the same offensive output. Which under the right circumstances, like a 38-degree night in Detroit, can be plenty.

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