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There Yungo Again

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The Giants and Andres Torres: back together. Oh yeah, Yungoheads, they made some sweet harmony for a while. Here's one of their greatest hits:

And let's not forget the awards:

The question is, will this reunion last longer and provide more excitement than the Nirvana reunion at the 12-12-12 Concert last night? Trick question! There was no Nirvana reunion. It was just the non-Cobain guys playing a very new, loud song as Paul McCartney did his best to sound grungy. Frankly, McCartney's rendition of "Helter Skelter" to start his set was more Nirvana-ish.

The Giants aren't exactly getting the band back together, but the return of Torres -- it's a one year, $2 million contract -- is sure to push lots of nostalgia buttons and temper any curmudgeonly grumbling that the Giants are headed into 2013 without a power bat in the outfield. Will Torres be Gregor Blanco's platoon partner in LF? It could turn out that way. Torres hit very well against lefties last year -- .286 / .382 / .381 -- but there's really no telling what he'll bring. In his three Giant years, his splits against lefties oscillated to extremes. Bruce Bochy will have to suss it out day by day, week by week.

Unless he has an age- or injury-related tailspin, his defense should remain solid, and he'll run really fast around the bases. So extra outfielder, occasional platoon partner, pinch-runner extraordinaire, and happiest guy on Earth: given the crazy salary escalation this winter, two mil isn't a bad price tag, even if he spends considerable time on the disabled list with his chronic leg problems. Plus, he could hit 1-for-Velez for the year, and he'll still sell enough "Torres 56" merch to pay it back.

The raising of the World Series flag, the ceremony of the ring, and a rousing huzzah for Andres Torres, back where he belongs in the orange and black-trimmed French vanilla: It's going to be a fun first week of 2013.

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