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Going Out On A Limb About Brian Wilson (Get It?)

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Why must every Giants' World Series victory be followed by a dullsville off-season?

In the spirit of 5-year-olds going on 12 everywhere, I want to declare myself officially, like, bored? You know? And as with all spoiled children everywhere, boredom leads me down the path to foolishness, which in my case means bad puns and silly predictions.

Between now and Opening Day, I predict Brian Wilson will re-sign with the Giants.

The 2013 Giants are more or less the second-half of 2012 Giants, all the Giants who are  belong to us still do, and that should be a good, no, great thing. Except for Wilson. It really won't be the same without him -- and the without part was emphasized in recent days by the braintrust. Then again, we all know that with the Giants, the ship doesn't sail until the fat Bengie sings, and even then it might come galumphing back. So I'm holding out hope. Other teams have had their look-see at Wilson, and will have more in weeks to come. All it takes is one to say, sure, your twice-reconstructed elbow is worth a guaranteed contract and 40-man roster space right now, and the Giants will almost surely be in the rear-view mirror. But here's why I have hope:

If Wilson shows signs before Opening Day that he might be back within a couple months, the Giants could really use him. It's not just a nostalgia trip or a marketing ploy. The Giants have spent handsomely this winter on Santiago Casilla, Jeremy Affeldt and -- coming soon -- Sergio Romo, but it feels more and more likely that Wilson will be very affordable. And frankly, having another bullpenner with closing experience would be an excellent thing. Romo showed doubters he could handle regular closer duties down the stretch. He might well prove he can do it an entire year. But if Wilson agrees to play mainly for incentives, or to re-build his value for 2014, he'd provide a nice security blanket. An itchy, sweaty, dyed-black security blanket.

It would make for some awkwardness, but far less so with the Giants than with other teams who aren't used to his smarmy -- er, hilarious -- antics. A looming Brian Wilson who might or might not be the closer is not going to make Sergio Romo bristle about potentially losing his closer mantle. Bruce Bochy has proven he can handle a bullpen with unsettled roles; the guys coming back shouldn't have a problem with it, either.

And not only can the Giants use another arm in the bullpen, but they, more than a lot of teams, can afford to risk a little cash to see if Wilson comes back strong. Even if he's rehabbing in April, or May, or June, the promise of his return will be a small tool in the marketing toolbox. I know, I said his return wouldn't be a marketing ploy. But the ability to squeeze a little merch revenue from it just adds to the argument pro.

Maybe it'll be a minor-league contract, maybe a modest guaranteed contract, but I still think Wilson will be a Giant come Opening Day.

Which brings me to the latest installment of my irregularly scheduled regular-season memory. This is Brian Wilson's first save of 2012. Say, who's that batter?

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