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China Basin Sea Turtles (or, Ramon Ramirez Redux)

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For you Giants fans whose memories don't quite stretch back to 2011, this is Ramon Ramirez.

And this is Ramon Ramirez:

With Ramon back with the Giants on a minor-league contract, everyone traded for Angel Pagan is now Pagan's teammate, or more accurately, organization-mate. In other Giant minor-league contract news, they've also brought back Armando Rios, Jason Schmidt and John Vander Wal to keep Ryan Vogelsong company.

The Chinese call those who've come home from far-off lands "sea turtles." And there, ladies 'n' gents, is your 2013 San Francisco Giant Merchandising Hat of the Year idea. In honor of those who say, yes, you can go home again, even if it's for a few pinch-hitting appearances and you're not even eligible for the post-season, here's the best Sea Turtle roster I could cobble together from the past two decades of Giants teams.

CF Andres Torres
3B Bill Mueller
SS Rich Aurilia
1B Charlie Hayes
LF Shawon Dunston
2B Jose Vizcaino
C Steve Decker

SP Russ Ortiz
SP Terry Mulholland
SP Pat Rapp
SP Dave Burba

RP Tyler Walker
RP Bobby Howry
RP Tim Worrell
RP Ramon Ramirez
RP Doug Henry
RP Steve Reed

I'll have to play Russ Ortiz in the outfield. No problem. He was probably a better hitter than half the outfielders who made roster appearances during either his first or second Giants tenure.

As for ex-Giants who aren't likely to make a return trip, I can't believe this is still up.

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