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The Start Of A Long Goodbye?

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Let's peek back at another 2012 regular-season moment.

It happened during Tim Lincecum's second start, which was even worse than his first start, which was maddeningly similar to many of his subsequent starts. Timmy's swell run of relief pitching in the playoffs has dimmed the raw shock most Lincecum starts provided last year as he walked off the mound in the middle of the fifth inning, yet again, mouth slightly open, eyes squinty and out of focus.

Now we have a new haircut, non-prescription glasses (weirdly poser-ish), and professions of a whole new workout regime. They all strike me as more sophisticated versions of the old spring-training "best shape of his life" chestnut, usually the provenance of the slightly desperate professional athlete, and I can't help but feel a sadness coming on. It's a tough gig, man, being the best you can be until your body stops cooperating at the age of 29. Twenty-nine! 

I'm not saying that's absolutely Lincecum's fate, but it well could be, and I'm preparing myself -- and perhaps those reading, if you want -- for what could be a very weird next seven months. One of the most beloved Giants, Tim Lincecum, could be at the end of his run in the orange and french vanilla. New workouts and 'dos don't reveal anything. Spring training won't, either. Ominous-in-hindsight stumbles off the mound notwithstanding, April could easily be misleading. We'll need a good part of the season to start seeing the writing on the wall. By August, we might attend every Timmy outing with a knot in our stomachs, knowing this could be it.

Look at me: maudlin in mid-February. There's only one way to beat the blues: Hang out with Andres Torres.

But Torres made it clear to his agent that if there were any way to return to the Giants, then get a deal done. "My heart is in San Francisco," Torres said, saying 15 times how "amazing" it felt to be back in the Giants' clubhouse.

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