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SF 4, SD 2: What Would Jesus Do?

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Step 1: Hit long home run to put team ahead.

Step 2: Celebrate excessively.

Step 3: Watch Giants celebrate comeback win.


Step 1: Wake up early, eat breakfast, brush teeth.

Step 2: Barely avoid fastball aimed at rectum.

Step 3: Take exception.

Step 4: Point bat at Madison Bumgarner.

Step 5: Take part in benches-clearing mumble-grumble-I'm-gonna-why-you-I-oughta-hold-me-back-sucka-OK-I-guess-we-gotta-go-back-to-the-dugout baseball tussle.

Step 6: Hit short home run to put team ahead.

Step 7: Team now behind, strike out on three straight sliders in ninth inning.

Step 8: Watch Giants celebrate series win.

That's what Jesus did.

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