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Bochy To Kids: Get Offa My Lawn

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Heath Hembree has been a Giant for three games, and he's appeared in two of them. I like it.

So why aren't the other youngsters getting more playing time so far? Roger Kieschnick got 77 plate appearances in the 26 games the Giants played in August, about three a game. That was a good idea.

Kieschnick didn't do well, unfortunately, and now it doesn't seem he'll have much more chance to showcase himself. He's had seven plate appearances in the past six games, none of them starts. Baseball Reference has caught on:

kieschnick.JPG Have the Giants made up their minds after 87 PAs with one extra base hit, nine walks, and 27 strikeouts? It's been an ugly stretch. I'm not a big Kieschnick booster, but I'd like to see him play at least semi-regularly in September. Or Francisco Peguero. Or Juan Perez. I don't think either of them will hit much, either now or in the future, but the world doesn't need more Gregor Blanco evaluation. He's a fine bench player, above average in all three outfield spots, but stretched when asked to play every day. Anyone disagree?

I'm particularly intrigued by Perez, whose arm and glove are so good, you have to wonder if he can provide the kind of impact defense we saw last night from Arizona's Gerardo Parra. Parra has hit just well enough to keep a starting job this year. I doubt Perez could manage that, but again -- why not give him more reps?

With Angel Pagan playing two of every three games, at least Perez can sneak in time there. But no one, apparently, will get a chance to sub for Hunter Pence. Bochy has pledged to let him try for the 162-game brass ring. (There should be a name for it: The Full-Season Sombrero? The Wire-To-Wire?) I would complain loudly, but I have a sneaking feeling it's Part II of the Giants' strategy to woo Pence, soon-to-be free agent.

Part I was not trading him at the deadline. Part III will include women riding scooters into his hotel suite, slathered in bone marrow and wearing kale bikinis. The trick is to make the qualifying offer, but only as a formality because Pence will be psyched to sign a longer-term deal. (But not too long-term, please.)

The Giants need Hunter Pence next year, even if they overpay. A September full of Roger Kieschnick splash hits isn't going to change that reality. They'll need to marshal trade chips to fill other spots, so why create a hole in right field, too? And just a reminder, for all the weirdness and bad swings at sliders and first-pitch pop-ups, and as dreadful as he was after the trade last year, Pence when right is a very valuable right fielder. Fangraphs pegs him with the 2nd best WAR among big-league right fielders this year, with a big boost coming from his base running. Baseball Reference has a different WAR calculation, and it pegs him 7th. (The two sites brought their systems a bit closer together earlier this year, but I still don't understand the rather stark difference in Pence's rating. Enlighten me if you can.)

The only other call-up I want to see semi-regularly is Adrianza, and good luck with that. 

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