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Meet The Newest Giants

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If you're a follower of Giants Baseball Club of San Francisco, you most surely know about Frankie Pegs, Juan Perez, and most of the other guys just called up. They've all donned the big-league uniform, so we've all formed opinions. But let's focus on the three call-ups who will be making their big-league debuts. I'll give you a few things to have in hand when you're half asleep at the yard in the September sun, and your molars rattle from Renel screaming, "Now batting, EH-HEAR-AY.... A-DREE-AHHHHHN-ZAH!"

You sit up and think, wow, he sounds like he might be good, because that was a lot of syllables and very loud.

Ehire Adrianza

He's a glovely 24-year-old shortstop. If you happen to see him this month, he probably won't hit the ball out of the infield. Remember, Buster Posey went 2-for-17 (.118) with no walks in his September 2009 call-up. Adrianza has hit .118 for his entire minor league career. No, not really, but he's been a bad hitter at all stops until his recent promotion to Fresno, where he has hit .310 / .409 / .441 in 45 games. File under: Go figure. His Most Likely Route To A 2014 Major-League Job: He's probably the first guy to get called up if Brandon Crawford is injured, which I absolutely do not want to happen.

Heath Hembree

I always mis-type his first name as "Health," which never gets auto-corrected, so one day I'll publish a post that refers to Health Hembree, which I hope is a good omen. Because if he stays healthy, he should have a shot at the Opening Day roster next year. His fastball is fast, but are the reports from Fresno about improvements with his slider for real? They need to be. Felix Rodriguez had a couple great years with a 98-MPH fastball and little else, but Hembree is well advised not to follow the Fifi career path. Learn the slider. Love the slider. A change-up would be nice, too. His Most Likely Route To A 2014 Major-League Job: Not get absolutely pounded in his September call-up. Maintain good heath over the winter.

Johnny Monell

"I'm Johnny Monell, and I'm from the Bronx." How fun would that be to say? It would definitely secure you a red-leather banquette facing the door and a free meal in various eating establishments across this fine land. But he'll be 28 in March, and his shot at major-league notoriety is slim. He needs to do what he did in AAA this year (.275 / .364 / .494, 20 home runs in 121 games), and do it even more in the big leagues. He needs to hit and hit and hit and hit. His nickname needs to be "The Hitman," which would also go well with "Johnny Monell from the Bronx." If he shocks everyone and plays decently behind the plate, and he crushes major league pitches into McCovey Cove with ease, he's got a slight chance of being a Big Giant next year. Otherwise... His Most Likely Route To A 2014 Major-League Job: Hitting like crazy in September, then getting traded to an American League team that doesn't have any designated hitter prospects to block.

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