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Giants Score Two Measly Runs, Media Blames New Hitting Coach

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They arrived thirsting for contrition, but all they came away with was "get your front foot down and rotate through the hips"!

Other thoughts on Barry's Back Day:

- If Bonds had been the "hitting coach" 12 years ago, the Giants would have scored more than two runs on his first day. KnowhatImean?

- According to video footage, Barry Bonds: Still Odd.

- Mellower, friendlier... and still odd! He always had a streak of honesty and vulnerability that went completely against the macho athlete stereotype, not to mention against his own surly egomania. He kissed his son, he spoke frankly and lovingly about his dad. I always liked that Barry. Maybe he'll be around a lot more if this short gig works out.

- When Brandon Belt has his first three-homer game, it'll be a foggy miserable July night at Mays Field, no one else will be able to hit the ball 350 feet, and the camera will catch the Baby Giraffe as he crosses home plate giving a salute to someone in the luxury boxes. Guess who.

- Barry said he worked with Dexter Fowler this winter. Thus begins the Dexter Fowler Watch.

- If the chant "Bar-ry! Bar-ry! Bar-ry!" reminds you of Zito's hastily arranged relief appearance and final strikeout of Mark Kotsay, you're what we call a newbie round these parts.

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